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There are many reasons that could lead to a parent finding a new school for their child. For example, this coronavirus pandemic in many ways may force some parents to look for a new school for their child. Some of the most common reasons why parents look for a new school include relocating to a new environment, the transition of a child from primary school to high school and change of economic status. When this happens, what do you do?

It is important that parents take into consideration different factors before registering their child in a new school. Finding a new school for your child should never be something you rush. It requires critical thinking and a well-thought process.

In order to help parents find the ideal new school for their child, we share the following tips in this article to guide you in searching, selecting and deciding the right school for your child.

  1. Seek recommendation: A very common reason parents search for a new school is usually when they relocate to a new environment and the new place is very distant from their past location. Sometimes, the best way to get the right school for your child is by taking the “word of mouth”. This would require you seeking the intelligent opinion of parents you trust in their recommendation of likely schools that you can register your child in.
  2. Gather information about different schools: Before you register your child in a new school, you need to gather information about different schools. It is okay to compare schools at this point and see how they will be beneficial to the growth of your child. Things to consider include the academic track record of the school, quality of teaching, safety/security measures, extracurricular activities and so on. Such information could help you decide the right school to register your child in.
  3. Think about what you want the school to do for your child: Some schools may be fantastic but still would not be the ideal school for your child. For example, a school may have a good academic track record but it may lack programs that support creative arts which your child flourish in. Remember, you are not only looking for a good school but one that would meet the needs of your child; not just academic but social, mental, physical and spiritual.


Selecting the right school for your child is a very important process as it can go a long way in preparing your child for the future. We encourage you to apply these tips as you dedicate time to find a new school for your child.

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