Dear Parents,

We won! Others tried, but we won. We are the champions of music in Nigeria. We dominated science olympiad, Chess competition and now music.

We owe you a debt of gratitude for your unflinching support over the years. In the past academic year, we were crowned the national championship for ICT, Chess and Science Olympiad. So many parents supported us financially, morally and spiritually. We also won awards in national spelling bee competition and were also shortlisted for national essay competition. We won few athletic events as well. Next year, we will represent Nigeria in World Spelling Bee competition. If you can recall, our team represented Nigeria in World Chess Competition in Kazakhstan, this year.

Since the time we discovered that some of our students have passion for music, we have been investing heavily in training and musical instruments. Last year, we were invited for guest appearance at the 7th National Music Academic. We did not participate in the competition, we only went there to entertain the participants and the judges.

Last Thursday, at Unilag, we were up against top schools with high class instruments, and choral group with angelic voices. So many of them. We had the likes of Faith Academy, Honeyland, Lagoos, Elibel, Imperial light school and many other top schools in lagos. They all had experience in this competition. That was our first time to participate in the contest. We did what they did and added something extra in terms of performance. At the end we WON!

We extend our appreciation to the music group, the teachers, members of management team, the press team, representative of the Nation and punch Newspaper, and the parents for their unalloyed support. We pray that God will answer all our prayers.

No matter what we achieved this year, we crave for more. We have raised the bar for ourselves. We want to surpass what we achieved this year and also have record for sterling performance in all our external examinations. That is the minimum objective we set for ourselves. With God on our side and your support, we are sure of success all the way.

Thank you and God bless.

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