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The coronavirus has affected millions of people in different ways; educational institutions have had their share and have been greatly affected as schools have been forced to shut down and students stay at home.

Now more than ever, we cannot over-emphasize the need for online learning. There is a great need to create an online learning experience that meets the educational needs of students and pupils.

Since the lockdown, Platform Schools has since improved the online learning experience to ensure students at home are actively engaged academically.

The world is in transition and Platform Schools will not be left behind. We have put in place structures that ensure that no student that attends Platform schools is left behind in the latest technology. Even at a huge cost, 0ur teachers have been stretched beyond limit and the management team are holding regular meetings to ensure seamless online interactive class experience.

Lectures have since commenced we are good to go; ready to take learning to a whole new level. Children need to be educated that they could ask questions at any point during the lecture. All they need to do is to raise up their hands and ask. The buttons on the Zoom app allows them to easily communicate via chat or audio. They will have the privilege to see their colleagues in the classroom and interact with them. This makes it seem exactly as it was when they were in the physical classroom.

We are sure you wouldn’t want your child to miss out. Apart from missing the academic contents, they will miss a visual life experience. Every technology we introduce it to help our students to be steps ahead of their colleagues elsewhere.

We have plans to record the live streams and post them later on their portal. The only problem is that they would only have the opportunity to watch the video and would not be able to make inputs.

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