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The early years of a child are very critical to their social and overall development. During these years, formative years like some would say, a child is easily influenced by his/her environment. These are periods where a child tries to get familiar with the environment, learn things and begin to form habits. The involvement of a parent in their child’s life at this moment cannot be over-emphasized.

At ages 2- 5, a child becomes very curious trying to figure out things that happen around them. Usually, this is a time that many parents enrol their child in a school, with some starting as early as having their child in a crèche. While it is important to provide academic support to a child at such age, there is a need for parents to get personally involved in the learning of their child.

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It can be said that children learn a lot from their parents and are encouraged to do more when their parents get more involved in the things they do. In essence, when a parent commits some minutes to hours of their time at home to help their child with their studies, they greatly support their child mentally to love learning.

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There may never be enough time to commit to personal learning with your child but what is important is that you show and let them know that you are interested in their academic growth. The sooner parents begin to support and get involved in early childhood learning, the better it becomes for their children.

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