African Mother And Child, Nigerian
Today, it takes a lot to raise a child to be fully independent and ready to take on the challenges that life has to offer. As we already know, parenting in this modern era transcends beyond being able to make financial provision for a child. It even goes beyond the physical presence of a child. Now, parenting greatly requires the emotional and social support of a parent.

Some children have been victims of poor choices because they lacked the ability to make self-influenced decisions; being swayed by the lifestyle they see on TV or their friends living. When a parent fails to raise a child to be socially aware, it leaves the child vulnerable to things that they might see in the community.

Humans, as social beings, are always in a state of communication and interaction with one another. In essence, you must be able to raise your child to be socially independent and emotionally aware. Things you have to consider when raising your child include but not limited to:

  • How to react to pressure
  • How they manage societal and peer pressure
  • Their critical thinking skills
  • Their problem-solving skills

One way a parent can influence their child to be strong in these areas listed above is to be a role model of these traits. Children learn best by what they see and how better to influence them that portraying the characters you desire to see in them. As a parent, it is important your child knows how to engage in meaningful communication and how to be able to interact with their community. When children learn this at a tender age, it equips them to be emotionally and socially independent.

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