Parenting tips for festive seasons

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Holiday seasons, especially towards the end of the year, are periods that call for merriment and celebration. During such periods, people tend to have time to enjoy themselves and spend quality time with friends and family. At this time of the year, children and family are always together as they look forward to creating good moments together.

At such seasons, it should be a time that parents take up some measures to ensure the safety of their children. There are some risks that children may be vulnerable to during such a period, some of which include:

i. Kidnap

ii. Home accident

iii. Food poisoning

How can parents manage such risks at such periods?

i. Never leave your child alone

Festive seasons are usually very busy times. For no reason should you leave your child unattended to. This means that your child should not be left home alone or sent on distant errands.

ii. Keep the home accident-free

Holidays call for children to spend more of their time at home. This is a period where you have to make the home accident proof. This can be done by keeping choking hazards, electrical appliances, drugs, and objects away from children’s reach.

iii. Watch what your children eat

There is always a lot to eat and drink during such periods. Be watchful what your children consume both at home and outdoors. Advise them on best practices on how to reject items from strangers.

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