It has been established that academics in several ways is related to the brain’s ability to capture, store and process information. In this regards, different students are able to learn by different means. While some are fast learners by just reading and writing, some others learn best with audio or visuals.

Another important way to help students learn is by keeping them actively engaged throughout the day. This requires having in place set activities that keep them physically and mentally alert. One way of achieving this is by involving students in sports. Having this as a part of the curriculum helps students unleash their potential in many ways.

Unlike video games that make a child sit and be inactive for long hours, sports is an active engagement that requires focus and energy. When a student engages in one form of sports while in school, they are able to stay active and alert for longer hours. Below are some of the reasons why sports is considered very important for a student:

  1. It improves teamwork: Most sports like football and basketball require students to work together as a team to achieve a common goal (winning). This act improves their ability to learn how to work effectively in a team.
  2. It enhances mental and physical alertness: A student who engages in sports activities is more likely to stay mentally and physically alert in class. Also, sports has its health benefits on the lifestyle of a child.
  • It increases friendliness among students: Students are able to “come out of their shell” when they get on the field. It is much easier for students to build a relationship playing football than sitting in class all day.
  1. It helps students understand themselves better: Engaging in sports has helped many students discover their skills as well as helping them improve on their existing skills. A student who finds interest in playing table tennis can get better at it and even become a pro when given the opportunity to explore at school.

With all of this in mind, it is crucial that parents consider the sports facilities of a school when registering their child in a school. Remember, sports is also an important part of a student’s growth and development.

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