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There are countless myths when it comes to parenting, especially in different parts of Nigeria. While some of these myths are laughable and never taken serious, some have come to become a lifestyle in many homes. Many of these myths, not true, affect parenting in more ways than we think. Below are four common myths that are misleading:

  1. Parents are always right: Who on earth invented this? And what is the justification that only parents are right and never their kids? This myth is very misleading especially in an era where children are smarter and better informed. As parents, it’s important that you value the opinion of your kids. Yes, you are older and surely have more experience than them but that doesn’t mean they are not smart enough to see things from a perspective that you may not be able to see. Be open-minded and ready to accept their point of view. Remember, you can’t always be right.
  2. Punishment is okay and necessary: You would be deceiving yourself as a parent if you think the only to correct a child is by yelling, flogging or punishing a child. Children are emotional beings, they hurt, and punishing them is not the right way to address their wrongdoings. Sometimes, all you need to correct them is a pep talk; not flogging them or subjecting them to rigorous punishments.
  3. Money solves it all: Money is good and it answers a lot but certainly not everything. This also applies to parenting. As a parent, you need to know that the answer to every challenge your child faces doesn’t have to deal with you flashing money in their face. Sometimes, all they need is for you to spend quality time with them. You need to understand that there are some things that money will not be able to solve in their lives…things like leaving an emotional gap in their lives. Learn to be there for your child and be willing to build a healthy relationship with them.
  4. They are too young to understand: Dear parent, stop assuming that your child is too young to discuss important issues with. “Oh! She is too young to have a boyfriend”…“My son is too young to understand why I am never at home”…” They won’t understand; they are too young to”. Please stop all these assumptions. Your kids are never too young to have a sincere conversation with.

Dear parent, these myths have ruled over the years. It is important we put an end to them today to enhance a more productive life as a parent.


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