The coronavirus has forced many students to stay at home. Since the lockdown, many students have been forced to halt learning. That shouldn’t be the case as schools may be forced to shut down but never learning. Learning should be continuous at every stage in a child’s life.

As an institution that supports continuous learning, we have taken our learning online, using “Zoom” as a means of reaching our pupils and students.

In order to maintain decorum during Zoom classes with our pupils and students, the following etiquettes should be strictly adhered to. This will guide against distraction and help maximise the time used for the classes or parents’ meeting.

1. Parents or students should make sure that they are ready and set for the meeting or classes at least 5mins before time. Remember once the meeting or the class starts, times starts counting down.

2. As much as possible make sure a place is designated as the “classroom” in your house. Provide a table a chair for yourself or your child for the session.

3. If a class session is ongoing, parents should ensure they don’t distract the class by being as less visible as possible. Parents who want to be part of the class should be appropriately dressed.

4. To ensure all students benefit from the class, ensure you mute your computer unless you need to ask a question. If your computer is unmute, make sure you reduce ALL background noise as much as possible so we can have a quiet class conducive for learning.

Following these instructions will enhance a seamless online meeting, one free of distraction.

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