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In this modern era, it can be sometimes difficult for a parent to spend as much time as they would love to with their children. This could be due to many reasons, but mostly because of tight schedules from work and business. This limitation has caused many parents to be uninvolved in the lives of their children; sometimes missing important milestones in the lives of their children.

For a child, this usually has the most effect as some feel unloved or less important to be given time to. The psychological state of a child can be affected when a parent fails to spend quality time with their child. Some of these children end up seeking love elsewhere and often find affection in the eyes of friends and even strangers.

There might never be enough time to spend with your child but did you know that you can make even the little moments you share with them count? What you need to understand is that sometimes, it is not about the amount of time you spend with your child but the quality of the time spent.

So let’s say you have a week vacation with your child. What you can do to give them the best experience begins with identifying their interest. Even if you spend the 24 hours of a day with your child doing something they don’t love or have no passion for, it would just be a time well wasted. So, understanding the interest of your child is very important.

When this has been established, it becomes very easy to entertain and thrill your child. Whether it is seeing a movie, visiting a museum or just sitting back at home and playing games, identifying what your child loves is the way forward. This way, you bond with them and build trust; enabling them to feel free to share things with you.

Always remember, children are different so the interest of one child may not be the same for the rest of your child. The more involved you get in the lives of your children, the better you are able to understand them and know how best to relate to them.

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