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There are a number of things that parents consider very important when looking for a new school for their child. They often tend to question themselves:

  1. Is this the right school for my child?
  2. How do we cope with distance?
  3. How does the tuition fee compare to what is in their syllabus?

As many questions as parents may ask, they often forget to ask some critical questions because they assume that is the primary reason for a school and as such, it should be common. Some of these important questions parents often forget to ask include:

  1. What extra-curricular programs do they offer?

In this modern era, it is not enough for a school to operate on the conventional school curriculum. As a parent, you need to understand the extracurricular activities that the school offers that can improve your child socially, academically and intellectually. Routine class works alone is never enough. Remember that students learn in different ways. Hence, it is important that a school has in place that helps a child have an enhanced learning experience.

  1. Can they guarantee the safety of my child?

By registering your child with a school, it means that you have officially signed them to have your child in their custody for a specific number of hours. This also means that their safety is on the school authority. Have you considered if there are any loopholes in their security? Safety in school goes beyond the normal worry about a child getting kidnapped. It applies in every situation as little as making provision to make high buildings well-gated, laboratories accident-free and safety measures in place in cases of emergency.

  1. What is the relationship between my child and his/her teacher?

Did you know that children learn better when they enjoy the classroom experience with their teacher? No matter how good a school is, if a child is afraid of his/her class teacher, it would be difficult to understand things being taught in class. It is important that parents understand the school and the record of the teacher in charge of their child. A poor understanding between your child and a teacher is enough to make your child hate going to school no matter how beautiful or interesting the school may seem.

Now that you know these things, we hope that you understand better so you can make better-informed decisions in picking a school for your child. Remember, nothing is insignificant when it comes to picking a school for your child.


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