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It is the responsibility of every parent to raise their child in the right way. Part of these responsibilities involves providing platforms that help their children develop their social, intellectual, academic, physical and spiritual intelligence.

It is very important parents train their children to learn basic skills at the foundation level; after all, charity begins at home. They are several things children learn when growing up that can help them in the future. One of these things is teaching them to be tidy and hygienic.

Personal hygiene should be something every parent commits to teaching their child. Below are some of the common ways parents can help children improve their sense of personal hygiene:

• Have them wash their hands after use of toilet

• Let them know the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day, morning and after the evening meal

• Ensure they wash their plates after use

• Allow them to join you in washing their clothes

• It’s okay for them to join you in cleaning and arranging the house

When you allow your child to get involved in some house activities, it helps improve their self-confidence. Also, they learn what is right and what is not. They understand how keeping personal hygiene can lead to a better and improved lifestyle. When children learn to be tidy and hygienic, they understand that it is wrong to leave the house with rough uncombed hair; they see how wrong it is to wear dirty clothes for any possible reason.

Teaching your child to be tidy and hygienic can help your child in more ways than you think. They are never too young to learn. Begin to teach them today what they need to know.

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