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The abuse of drugs among teenagers is no longer news. Every day, teenagers are found abusing one substance or the other. The rate at which students indulge in drug abuse is alarming; little do they know the effects that it has on them, both short term and long term.

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Today, many Nigerian students have found themselves exploring their creativity by indulging in new ways of getting high. They deploy all of their energy into mixing different substances to get to a new level of highness. If this is not watched, things will only get worse.

The effects of drug abuse are numerous. Schools have a great role to play in reducing the rate at which students indulge in drug abuse. Many teenagers are at a stage in their lives where they feel the need to try new things. Teachers need to be able to encourage these students to take the right path.

To easily help manage the issue of drug abuse among teenagers, the following can be done:

Orient: These students need to know the effects abusing drugs have on them. The need to know the physical and mental effects it has on them. They need to know how injurious drug abuse is to their health; how it affects a person’s decision making, nutrition, sleep, and relationships.

Motivate: Some students go into drug use as they find it as a source of comfort when they are emotionally down. Teachers can provide more than academic support to a student. They can inspire students to believe in themselves and their efforts. This way, they rely more on their abilities than on drugs.

Engage: One of the major reasons why students indulge in drug abuse is idleness. Some students find a lot of extra time on their hands and end up using it to engage in unproductive tasks. Schools can go the extra mile to assign research and tasks to students. Also, they can engage students in extracurricular activities that develop student skills and engage them productively.

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