Boomerang, Throw, Shoot, Far, Weapon

In present times, we have witnessed a great turnaround in many areas that affect our daily lives. Some of them include recession, reduced number of jobs and an increasing number of unemployed graduates. In such instance where there are very few jobs available to the high number of graduates, most of these graduates end up returning to their homes- to continue living with their parents. This is what is referred to as the BOOMERANG GENERATION.

Gone are the days where children graduate, get jobs and leave their family home to start their own life. It’s the opposite today with so many even ending up to be dependent on their parents even after graduation from a tertiary institution. The sad thing is that the boomerang generation has become a norm in the society as many people just overlook it as a “normal thing” and just fault the government for not making provision for graduates.

As a parent, it lies in your responsibility to prepare your child to help them to be able to overcome the boomerang generation. Besides just making educational provision for your child, you need to be able to equip them mentally to be able to see challenges a way of getting better in life. Most importantly, teaching life skills that make them see themselves as a solution to a problem and not just part of the problem.

A child that is nurtured in this way grows up with a mindset that they can achieve so much and even when the desired job is not forthcoming, they do not settle, relax or just blame the government for what they grow to. A common reason why the boomerang generation keeps increasing is that children are raised to believe that people owe them, most especially the government.

As a parent, it is very important that you make your child understand that nobody owes them, not even the government. Their level of success is entirely up to them. This way, you keep them on their feet, always hungry for more. This should be the way of life…not the boomerang way.

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