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Children tend to play a lot in their early years. They return back to school and they are already looking for the next cartoon to jump to and the next game to join their friend in. Let’s not even talk about the football lovers, those ones that are ready to play ahead and get dirty till mama calls.

All of these are good especially in helping children develop their social skills. But then, there needs to be a balance as too much of play has some effects on the mental health of children. Some of these effects are:

Fatigue: Children who play too much with little rest are likely to get easily tired than their peers. Also, there is a tendency for fall ill due to subjecting the body to much stress.

Restlessness: It is difficult for a child who plays too much to stay calm. Their mental level is always on the high side making them restless.

Inability to focus: A child that plays too much will have it hard trying to focus on things that matter. If this is not checked early, such kids begin to suffer in their academics as they are unable to pay attention in class.

Likeliness to have night terrors: Kids who engage in rigorous activities are likely to suffer from night terrors.
As parents, it is important you are able to establish periods during the day when your children take a nap. Resting doesn’t always to occur after their bedtime. In fact, having your children rest could come immediately after they have their bath and a meal when they get back from school.

When children rest, they feel refreshed and the stress from the day’s work is relieved. Here are some of the benefits of ensuring your child has adequate rest:

  1. Frees one from anxiety
  2. Your child puts him/herself in a state free from disturbance
  3. Peace of mind is enhanced
  4. Labour and stress is greatly reduced
  5. A state of inactivity is established to allow ease of mental and physical health

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