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In this modern era, it has become very important that children are nurtured to be able to make decisions themselves and adapt to changes they make encounter in life. Today, some children are unable to think and decide for themselves and they often fall victims to peer pressure. One common reason why this happens is the failure of parents to nurture their children to be self-reliant; instead, they help their children achieve all of their goals.

As good as it is to be able to help your child achieve their goals, what should really count is helping them achieve their goals themselves and not you actually achieving it for them. Doing such leaves them vulnerable to handling future challenges themselves. One very way you can help your child achieve their goals themselves is by assigning them responsibilities.

When children have responsibilities, they feel they have something to own up to. Most importantly, every task you assign to your child should be one that teaches them an important value in life. There are a number of benefits of giving your child responsibilities. Three important benefits are:

  1. You give them a sense of belonging: Assigning responsibilities to a child can make a child greatly improve the feeling of a child. Most often, making them feel that they have an important place and role that they play in the family.
  2. You help them achieve independence: A child who takes on responsibilities as little as watching over his/her younger ones at home soon begins to build confidence and independence to take on bigger challenges in life.
  3. Increase in self-esteem: When a child is assigned a responsibility and they achieve it, it often comes with praises. Even without the praises, there is this fulfilment that comes with achieving a goal which can be good for the self-esteem of a child.

Parents need to understand that there should be a limit to how much they do for their child. You need to know that there are some things that they must do and learn on their own.

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