Over the years, record has had it that children are more likely to be closer to their mother than their father. Children are fond of always picking their mother over their father when asked who their favourite parent is. The answer isn’t far-fetched as mothers have been found to be more present in the life of children both physically and emotionally.
As a parent, one thing we want is to be able to be the best parent to our children; to love them and be loved. As a mother, you want your child to be able to trust you and communicate with you every challenge that they face. Sometimes, this isn’t always the case. Children go through a lot and never communicate their pain to their parents. In some cases, trying to be a good mom, we do too much that we end up pushing our children to a breaking point.
Like we may all know, there is no perfect parent neither is there a perfect parenting style. What you can have is to be an ideal mother; to be a super mom as the case may be. In order to help you achieve this, here are some tips to guide you into becoming a super mom:
1. Learn to listen more: Every day, children face a lot. They have to deal with pressure from society, peers and social media. This makes them have a lot of questions on their mind. The mistake many mothers make is to keep talking, advising their children and giving them little time to talk or express how they feel. Just as you are willing to talk to your child, also create time to listen to them as they have things that they would also like to talk about.
2. Be open-minded: The older children get the more complex their questions become. If you are able to create a relaxed relationship with your child, it makes it easy for them to approach you and ask you puzzling questions. Most importantly, don’t be alarmed by their questions or judge them by it. Instead, be ready to discuss with them and open in every conversation you have with them. Don’t just have the answer out there; engage them and together with them, try to come up with a solution for the challenge that they face.
3. Stop assuming: Sometimes, parents just assume that kids know how to handle things especially when they grow older. Mothers are very intuitive and they have the natural gift of knowing when things may be wrong with their children. At such times, don’t just assume that “they will be fine”. Ask them questions and be ready to communicate with them.
4. Understand the need for space: As children grow older, they begin to feel the need for independence; the need to navigate through life by themselves. As a mother, you need to be able to sense this and willing to give your child some space when they need it the most. Don’t be over-protective and always try to solve every of their problem. It’s good to be there for them and it’s also good that you do not take over all of their personal affairs that they feel that they do not have any privacy at all.

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