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Children are likely to meet different people as they grow older. Some of these people could be helpful and some are not the kind of people you want your child interacting with. Some strangers come with ulterior motives and in many cases, kidnap and ritual cases have been carried out by strangers. You certainly cannot keep your children locked in the house for the rest of their life due to the fear of dangerous strangers. That is why it is important you prepare them on how to be smart about strangers.

Here are some tips to help you prevent your kids from being preys of strangers:

Never leave your home unsecured: There are some times you would have to dash out of the house to quickly get an item outside. Even when you may be in a hurry, never leave your kids unsecured. A lot can happen in a short period of time. Always have the door secured or have a close neighbor lend a watching eye to your kids.

Provide the basic needs for your children: Don’t make your children lack some basic amenities that they can easily be lured with. A child who is starved with food is likely to be lured with a snack by a stranger.

Here are some things you can share with your children with regards to managing strangers:

  1. Let them know it is okay to raise an alarm or report to someone if they get any form of pressure from a strange person
  2. Train them not to accept gifts from an unlikely source
  3. It is important they know how dangerous it is to either follow a stranger home or take a stranger to their place of residence
  4. They need to know that it is okay to say no when they receive an offer from a stranger

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