Children love to have fun and they always want to play without having to be confined to limited space. Now that there is a lockdown and social distancing has become the norm in the society, it implies that children will no longer be able to go out and play with their friends as they’d love to.
Even though the lockdown has caused a lot of activities to stop and schools forced to shut down, it surely doesn’t affect the urge for children to still want to have fun. What this means is that you as a parent have to be able to create a play station at home that prevents your child from wanting to go outside to catch some fun.

In order to create an environment within the home that supports fun and entertainment for your kids, here are some things you need to do:

1. Get innovative with board games: Did you know that there are a number of board games that are equally as interesting as playing a video game or watching a cartoon with your kids? Board games like scrabble, chess and monopoly can be very interactive and they foster relationship building which is ideal and important in a family especially in this period of lockdown.

2. Play video games: Video games will always be a part of children’s life. This is one thing that can keep children actively engaged and glued to one position. However, it does come with its downside as children are likely to get carried away with it and could end up spending more hours than recommended playing video games. This is where you come in, ensuring that there is a defined time for video games.

3. Try traditional games: Do you remember how it felt like playing games like Ludo, Whot (card) or skipping a rope? Now is a good time as any to play such games with your child. Since they may not have always played such in the past, they just may find it interesting as you did while growing up.

4. Get interactive storybooks: There are quite a lot of storybooks out there that are very interesting and interactive. Such storybooks support communication and sometimes role-play between you and your child. Storybooks like this are ideal for a fun time for both you and your child.

Now that you know the different things that you can do to create a play station for your child at home this period, it is important that you are flexible in your approach. Just because chess is fun and educative doesn’t mean that your child will like it. Also, just because you think every kid would like playing video games doesn’t mean your child would like that too. Find out what they love and enjoy doing and try to work that out for them.

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