About Us

Our school is dedicated to ensuring that the children in our care grow up to be independent and self actualized. We believe in these children because they are the world.

Platform school is designed to be a school of choice in Lagos state through our individual centered- teaching approach. Platform school is unique in its approach to education, which is aimed at discovering and developing the potentials of every child. Pupils and the Students are exposed to practical classroom teaching, sports, vocational skills and fundamental societal values. We pay special care and attention to our students  physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social development through the use of Montessori materials, toys, books, games, playgrounds computer based teaching /learning equipment and entrepreneurship training.

Apart from a conducive learning environment, we have competent teachers and the necessary accompaniments such as laboratories, library, and spacious classrooms.

Platform school is an institution that believes in the uniqueness of every child.

We are driven by our passion for preparing the next generation of professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs. We are partnering with families who have the same vision for their children, giving these families the right environment to help their children realize their dreams and fulfill the purpose. Our families dreams big, they work hard, and we deliver the right education to make these dreams becoming a reality in the near future.