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Welcome to Platform Schools, where students from Nursery, Primary and College have been soaring like eagle. In academics, they are nulli secondus (second to none); likewise in Sports and Social activities.

Our vision is to point children towards destiny and successfully launch them into their glorious future as voices and pillars in their generation for the service of man and to the glory of God. For us at Platform Schools, there can be no greater purpose to dedicate ourselves towards, and over the past 7 years, we say we have made appreciable progress.

A quick glance around the school ambience would testify to our management effort to offer not only classroom  teaching but committed to our wards social, emotional well-being and physical (sports) through provision of state of the art recreational facilities in the school premises. And the institution of vocational skills learning, towards making our child more rounded, furthering their self-confidence, thereby improving self-esteem.




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